The iUSBDAQ – U120816 is the lowest cost USB data acquisition module which provides eight 12-bit analog inputs, 16 digital I/O lines, two programmable pulse-width output channels, and one 16-bit counter channel. Analog sampling rate is up to 32 ksamples/s for all 8 channels, with single channel up to 13 ksamples/s.

The package comes with a free usb cable, screw driver, device driver, DLL, LabVIEW driver, dot net wrapper class, rich examples and a free ready-to-run iDAQTest&Log testing and data logging software.


  • This USB DAQ is the best choice of the multifunction USB data acquisition modules in the low cost USB DAQ group.
  • Our economic iUSBDAQ proves to give smooth performance, it does not hang or freeze up the computer.
  • We also provide an OEM version of iUSBDAQ for quantities of 100 or more. The OEM version has only the PCB board, no external box, no USB cable, no screw terminals, no screw driver, the software is free as standard version. Priced at $65USD/each.
  • This USB data acquisition module can be used in industry process control and monitor, academic education project, hobby project and other low budget projects.
  • User can create their own software to integrate iUSBDAQ – U120816 or just use our free ready-to-run iDAQTest&Log data logging and control software.


Below highlights the key feature points of the U120816 USB data acquisition module.

  • USB 2.0/1.1 Full Speed Interface
  • CE compliant, RoHS compliant
  • USB Powered
  • 8 Single-Ended, 12-Bit Analog Inputs
  • 0-4.096 V Analog Input Range
  • Up to 32 kSamples/Sec Throughput with Single Channel Up to 13kSamples/Second for Streaming Mode
  • Supports Both Scan Mode and Continuous Streaming Mode Data Acquisition
  • One Dedicated Trigger Line for Streaming Mode Data Acquisition
  • Two programmable 10-bit PWM Outputs (3kHz- 333kHz) 16 Bi-Directional Digital I/O Lines (125HZ update rate)
  • One 16-Bit Counter
  • 240 bytes EEPROM Reserved for User Data
  • Multiple iUSBDAQs Can Be Connected On Same Computer
  • Simultaneous Streaming from Multiple iUSBDAQs Possible
  • Works with Windows 2000, or WinXP, MacOSX, windows Vista and windows 7 32bit and 64bit.
  • FREE USB Cable
  • FREE Screwdriver
  • FREE Downloadable Device Driver, Programming API (DLL), LabVIEW Drivers, VB Examples, ActiveX example, dot net example, C/C++ example, Delphi, MacOSX, Linux
  • FREE Standalone Ready-to Run iDAQTest&Log Software for Testing, Data Logging, Data playback and Simple Analysis
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, 6 Month Warranty and Trade In Policy
  • Approximately 3.5″ x 3.375″ x 1.125″ (9cm x 8.5cm x 3cm)
  • Industrial Temperature Range

iDAQ Test & Log

The free iDAQTest&Log is a standalone ready-to-run software that can be used to test the iUSBDAQ device and log analog input’s data and read back logged data for basic analysis. With this software, users can browser through all the features in iUSBDAQ, such as reading single analog channel, multiple analog channels, streaming analog input data continuously for display and log into file with or without external trigger, set DIO (digital I/O) directions and read/write DIO states, program PWM output frequency and duty cycles, read counter etc. It’s ideal for people who do not want to write their own software. The newest version has added the offset and scale capabilities, user defined X and Y graph units. This allows the multiple graph display not only in voltage units, but can also display in the real world units for sensors. Below shows one screenshot of iDAQTest&Log software